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Mercurys Mustang model?

The Mercury Capri. Yes, I definitely remember it. I still see one every once in a while, though not too often.
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Picture of my 73 Fastback

If you want, you can register here at and upload pictures into the Photo / Video Gallery. You can even upload pictures without an account, but you can't do as much with them.
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New to Fox body stangs

That sounds great. Sounds like you are a Mustang family. Feel free to post pics of the cars in the photo gallery.
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New Photo Gallery

Greetings, has upgraded its Photo Gallery. The new gallery has many more options, such as the ability to store videos as well. members can upload photos and videos and create their own gallery. The current quota limitation is 8MB, which is double what the previous photo gallery had.

Let me know what you think, or if you run into any bugs or problems.

EDIT: The quota limitation is actually 15MB now.
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please help!!!

I think the first place you should check out is It's the Kelley Blue Book site, where you can choose the year, make, model, condition and options for the car. It will give you a good ballpark figure of what you can sell it for.
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Difference between Mach 1 and Cobra

There are some visual differences between the two (bumpers, hood, wheels, etc.). The Mach 1 has a shaker hood scoop, and a flat black stripe from the scoop to the front of the hood. A black Mach 1 stripe along the length of the side, the spoiler was painted black, it got rolled exhaust tips like the 2001 Bullitt, and Comfort Weave seats like the original Mach 1.

Aside from the visual differences, there's differences under the hood as well. The Mach 1 made about 305 horsepower, the cobra made about 390 horsepower. Mach 1's therefore, tend to cost a little less than the Cobra.

For more info you can go go
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New Mustang History Section

I've added a new Mustang History section that can be accessed through the Navigation block on the left. It has a lot more information that the old History module, but I'm still working on updating a few things.
Steve N. Mustangs - Site Owner Mobile has a new mobile site for those with handhelds, PDAs, phones, etc. It is located at

It currently has news, forums and a mobile version of the Mustang picture gallery. Hopefully I will be able to add more content in the future.
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When is the new Shelby mustang coming out?

Also check out the the following article:

And for pictures, check out the 2007 GT500 Gallery at the following:

Finally, get a rag to wipe up all the drool :8:
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Super Bowl Mustang Commercial

We've got the 2005 Ford Mustang Green Light Commercial that will air during the Super Bowl. It can be viewed at (link removed - not currently available)
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