2000 Fuel filler tube rusting away

I just discovered this. On a 2000 v6 Stang the fuel filler tube has a 6" piece of split-loom tubing zip tied on to it right before it enters the tank. It seems as this split-loom is the perfect condensation keeper, which has allowed the metal filler pipe to rust completly through and start leaking whenever I fill up with gas (and possibly as I'm driving, not sure).

I'm putting some fuel proof putty stuff on as a temporary fix. Planning to replace the whole tube once I can find one.

Might want to take a look under there before some guy next to you at the gas station says "Yo, dude. You car is leaking gas on the ground..."

Thanks for the heads-up. It might be something to look into.
Dealer wants $135 just for the part.

Seems odd that I can't find anyone else with this problem. I've check forums all over the place. When I first saw the problem I figured there was probably already a recall on it... nothing there either. Maybe being in Michigan and driving 45 miles per day (car has 98k miles already) I AM the first one to have this problem?

Or my car is the only one ever made with split loom tubing on the filler tube...
just ran into the same problem...coudn't figure out why I was smelling gas after i filled up, until i saw the car leaking gas like crazy on a recent roadtrip. is there an intermediate fix short of replacing the filler tube?

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