pi head swap on 96 mustanag gt 4.6l

im trying to install pi head on my 96 mustang i have the heads and the intake i have heard that the compression will increase 10:1 what ever that means would it affect my engine which at this point has 80k miles on it.

my current modifications: bbk headers, bbk fuel pressure regulator and pressure gage, bbk cold air intake, throttle swrill spacer, bbk pullies, msd 9mm super condurctor spark plug wires, msd coils, H&R lowering springs
thats about it at this point. email me with results [url]mailto:jldragon_7142004@yahoo.com[/url]
have any of you ever done the 16v head swap on the ABA? wat kind of power can i b looking to push out? wat kind of problems will i run into? also just any general information that anyone has about this swap would b killer. thanks

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