Frequent Surging

Ok, I have a 1992 Mustang 5.0, every time I start the car it will surge. But if I give it gas it is fine, as well as coasting. When I stop it surges badly and will amost die.

But, the biggest problem that i have is that some times it will actually die, and when it does I can restart the car but as soon as i let off the key it dies. The other night it did this to me, I finally got fed up with it and waited about 20 mins. before trying to start it again. And to my suprise it started and idled fine.
Please give me some sort of feed back. Thanks
First check the T.P.S. if that's ok check mas air flow sensor.Try tapping it with a screw driver handle while engine is running first then check electric operation.also it would be a good idea to make sure the Idle Air Bypass is functioning properly. Check fuel pressure & make sure there are no vacuum leaks.

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