Affordable Preformance Suggestions

My name is Mike and I just bought an '07 Mustang GT and want to know about some cheap and affordable preformance suggestions. If this isn't the place to find that out, can someone give me a link to a forum that is a good place to find that out please?

Thank you
Get yourself a CAI ..thats a fairly cheap and easy mod that frees up alittle power wink wink
Put the Ford racing suspension springs on the car. These are easy to install and do not cost alot either. They really made my '05 Mustang GT feel and perform racier. A K&N cold air kit is an inexpensive way to gain some horses. A strut tower brace gives the car a better handle on corners. I didn't chip or tune my '05 with anything like a Superchips tuner but since I have my '07 Shelby GT and it is chipped by Shelby I would not hesitate to do so now if I had my 2005 Stang GT. The difference in the price of premium gas as opposed to regular was my greatest concern but now that I'm buying the 93 octane for my Shelby I really don't feel the difference in the wallet as much as I thought I would. And it really does make a difference in the power, you can really feel it! Good luck and remember that what-ever you do for your Stang as long as you like it is okay!
All my favorite years of Mustangs in one car! (2005 Mustang GT)

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