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1982 Mustang

The Mustang GT makes its long-awaited return, replacing the Cobra and the Ghia models. The GT's 5.0L H.O. realizes a significant increase in horsepower and performance, the result of high-performance camshaft, double-roller timing chain, two-barrel Holley carburetor and a four-speed Traction-lok rear end.

Lowered front air dam, a pair of menacing fog lights, front-facing hood scoop (non-functional) and rear spoiler reflect the enhancements made under the hood. More significant than its exterior and Recaro bucket seat interior, however, serious performance is taking shape.

The GLX was also available in 1982. The GLX was just a GT with a few more options.

Total U.S. Production: 130,418

Absent from the lineup for the past 13 years, the Mustang GT makes its return.

The California Highway Patrol purchases 400 5.0L notchback Special Service Mustangs, just in case anyone thinks they're going to outrun the law.


  • 4.2L 2V V8 120HP D Code
  • 5.0L 2V V8 157HP F Code
  • 2.3L 2V 4-cyl 88HP A Code
  • 3.3L 1V 6-cyl 94HP B Code


  • Hatchback, standard: 69,348
  • Hatchback, Ghia, standard: 9,926
  • Coupe, standard: 45,316
  • Coupe, Ghia, standard: 5,828
  • -Total-: 130,418


  • Coupe: $6,346
  • Hatchback: $6,979
  • Coupe, GLX: $6,980
  • Hatchback, GLX: $7,101


  • Bright Red
  • Dark Blue Metallic
  • Dark Cordovan Metallic
  • Dark Curry Brown Metallic
  • Medium Blue Glow
  • Medium Vanilla
  • Medium Yellow
  • Pastel Vanilla
  • Polar White
  • Silver Metallic
  • Bittersweet Glow
  • Black
  • Medium Gray Metallic
  • Red

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