Ford Mustang History


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1987 Mustang

The Fox body benefits from the most dramatic restyling so far. Flush, single-unit halogen headlights, glass quarter windows and modified taillights serve to clean up the LX. The GT is another story. An extremely low air intake, round fog lights, lateral ground effects, 20-spoke turbine-like rims, louvered taillights and a tasteful rear deck wing make a strong statement. And the GT can perform as capably as it provokes. New cylinder heads, revised exhaust and fuel injection computer controls intensify the 5.0L low-end torque for a formidable 300 pounds/feet street ride.

The V6 Mustang is discontinued as the four-cylinder receives fuel injection.

Mustang borrows larger 10.9-inch front discs from the Lincoln Continental.


  • 5.0L EFI V8 225HP E Code (HO)
  • 2.3L 1 4-cyl 88HP A Code


  • Hatchback, standard: 94,441
  • Coupe, standard: 43,257
  • Convertible, standard: 32,074
  • -Total-: 169,772


  • Convertible: $13,052
  • Coupe: $8,271
  • Hatchback: $8,690


  • Bright Regatta Blue Metallic
  • Dark Clove Metallic
  • Dark Gray Metallic
  • Dark Shadow Blue Metallic
  • Light Gray
  • Medium Shadow Blue Metallic
  • Medium Yellow
  • Oxford White
  • Sand Beige
  • Scarlet Red
  • Black
  • Medium Cabernet