1964 1/2 and 1965 Differences

Posted on Wednesday, 27, 2006

Differences between the 1964 1/2 and 1965 Ford Mustangs

This is an overview to help determine if your car is a 1964 1/2 or not. The car may have all of the items listed, or just a few. This can be due to variations in production lines and parts supply at that plant. Some items can carry over into the 65 production line, as people on the line would use up what they had. There may be other detail items, such as casting numbers, that have been intentionally missed due to space.

Date codes used in this list are as Ford used in 1964 and 1965:

Jan. 1965 = A
Feb. 1965 = B
Mar. 1964 = C Mar. 1965 = Q
Apr. 1964 = D Apr. 1965 = R
May 1964 = E May 1965 = S
Jun. 1964 = F Jun. 1965 = T
Jul. 1964 = G Jul. 1965 = U
Aug. 1964 = H Aug. 1965 = V
Sep. 1964 = J
Oct. 1964 = K
Nov. 1964 = L
Dec. 1964 = M

1964 1/2 Timeline:

  • Production began March 9, 1964 and ended August 17,1964
  • Only Coupes and Convertibles were manufactured during this period
  • Only Generator equipped cars were produced during this period
  • Date codes are OCO through OHO, (found on the VIN Data plate)

1964 1/2 Engine Displacement & Code:

  • 170 cubic inch 6cyl 1bbl "V"
  • 260 cubic inch 8cyl 2bbl "F"
  • 289 cubic inch 8cyl 4bbl "D"
  • 289 cubic inch 8cyl 4bbl "K" (Available in June of 1964)

1964 1/2 Exterior Appearance:

  • The Gas Cap has no security cable.
  • The edges of the Hood have stiffening skirts (flanges)
  • The headlight extensions have corresponding bevels to the hood skirts
  • The Mustang word on front fenders is 4-3/8", later lengthened to 5.0"
  • Windshield wiper shaft bases are chromed pot metal and have a threaded pivot

1964 1/2 Interior Appointments:

  • Door Locks knobs are color-keyed to interior, changed to chrome in 1965
  • Owners Manual states engine options as, 170 C.I. six cylinder, and the 260 low compression V8, and the Hi-Performance 289 V8
  • The fresh air vent knob on the drivers side is marked with a White "A"
  • Door handles and Window cranks are held by concealed spring clips
  • Instrument Cluster has Red "GEN" light (Generator), later 1965 models had Red "ALT" light (alternator)
  • Heater blower is two speed with the "OFF" position located in center
  • Carpet had color-keyed rubber heel pad, no toe pad, as in later models
  • Carpeting stops at rocker stiffener plate, color-keyed vinyl under door sill plate
  • Front Seatbelts are secured with an eye bolt
  • Passenger seat was fixed into position with no fore/aft adjustment
  • Smaller "T" handle on automatic transmission equipped cars

1964 1/2 Trunk Compartment:

  • Mat is Grey burtex in hardtops, and speckled Grey rubber in convertibles
  • Spare tire hold down is slotted for carriage head bolt
  • Tail lights have 3 wire pigtail assembly

1964 1/2 Engine Compartment:

  • Hood Bumpers have recessed Phillips screw to hold bumper to stud
  • Radiator Core support has air vents/louvers in front of battery for cooling
  • Larger horns than on later models, mounted low on the frame behind radiator
  • Generators are installed, have black metal/rubber shroud
  • Oil dipstick is on passenger side and very long
  • Oil filler tube is on front cover of engine, not valve covers
  • Small flip open oil cap on distributor base
  • Ignition coil is mounted flat on intake manifold
  • Brake switch ( 2 wires) is mounted on the master cylinder
  • Engines have a road draft tube, with/without a PCV valve

For pictures of the differences, please visit Jason's 64 1/2 Mustang Restoration Project at http://www.svs.com/zim/mustang/64faq.html

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