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Question about 2016 5.0L GT - Oil Change Message

I believe it uses an algorithm that keeps track of mileage and takes into account how hard the engine is being pushed, temperature, idle time, etc. It's not perfect, but it's probably a more accurate indicator of oil life than just going by mileage alone.
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new Mustang documentary?

It's available on Netflix streaming
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New member

Hello, and welcome to the Forums! It's great to have you with us. Where are you from?
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Site registration error fixed

We've fixed a bug that was not allowing new user registrations and was reporting problems with the confirmation code. If you were having problems registering for a new account you should try again since it is now fixed.
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Tyre pressure sensors

The car/tires should work fine without them, but the warning light in the dash can be annoying. You should be able to replace just the sensors that are faulty, and they aren't typically very expensive, at least compared to a new tire. If you're not too far from getting new tires you can probably wait until you replace the tires, but if they've still got plenty of life in them I would want to just get new sensors.
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It's been a while since there's been much change at We've been working on a complete site rewrite and redesign. This give the site a cleaner look, clean up a lot of the back end stuff, and make for a better overall experience. Stay tuned for the changes in the coming weeks.

==UPDATE 2016-04-22==
The redesign is complete and live. If you run into any problems or have any suggestions feel free to contact us or post a message in the Site Forum.
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gt turbo

I know there's a "TURBOCHARGED" badge on the dash. It's on the passenger side just to the right of the left passenger vent.

posted image

The only badge I'm aware of that could be in the center would be the "Premium Sound System" badge, seen in this picture:

posted image

I hope this helps.
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95 Cobra #

As far as I know, this information is not publicly accessible, so the only way to know is to pay the $40 to Ford for the certificate and wait for it to arrive.
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Site Redesign

We've redesigned! We've pretty much re-written the entire site to make it look nicer and be a little simpler. For now we have removed the old Downloads and Web Links section since they were a bit dated. The Desktop Wallpaper section has been relocated to the new Photo Gallery. There may be a few unintended glitches with the new update, so if you encounter any problems, please let us know.

NOTE: An unintended side-effect of the update is that many user account passwords had to be reset. This is due to the way the passwords were being stored in the old database not using the same encryption format as in the new one. If you are unable to log in using your old password you may have to reset your password. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please also note that the mobile version of is still being re-written and is not currently usable. It should be updated soon.
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Site Redesign has just had a facelift! The site has been redesigned with a cleaner look. If you run into any problems, please let us know. We are already aware that the Search feature is not working, but plan to have it up and running soon.
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