Difference between Mach 1 and Cobra

what is the difference I do not know. plz tell
There are some visual differences between the two (bumpers, hood, wheels, etc.). The Mach 1 has a shaker hood scoop, and a flat black stripe from the scoop to the front of the hood. A black Mach 1 stripe along the length of the side, the spoiler was painted black, it got rolled exhaust tips like the 2001 Bullitt, and Comfort Weave seats like the original Mach 1.

Aside from the visual differences, there's differences under the hood as well. The Mach 1 made about 305 horsepower, the cobra made about 390 horsepower. Mach 1's therefore, tend to cost a little less than the Cobra.

For more info you can go go http://shnack.com/history/2003/
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Another big difference is the live axle and the fully independent rear suspension.
17"x9" Cobra R wheels with NITTO-NT555 tires. These tires have a good balance between performance and durability.

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