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I am trying to sell a Ford Mustang GT Bullit which, unfortunately, I know nothing about. It belonged to my uncle who recently met his demise, and now the vehicle belongs to be. The money will be contributed to his kids, so I would like to learn everything I can about the Bullit and it's value to ensure that I don't get ripped off. So, if you are an avid GT/Bullit fan and would not mind sparing some of your time, please let me know. I only have a few general questions that I'd like to discuss through e-mail. [url][/url].

Thank you.
I think the first place you should check out is It's the Kelley Blue Book site, where you can choose the year, make, model, condition and options for the car. It will give you a good ballpark figure of what you can sell it for.
Steve N. Mustangs - Site Owner
Bulitts were specialty mustangs built in limited numbers. As such expect a higher resell value than a standard mustang. I agree you need to check out the blue book value, and suggest a mustang trader mag to see comparable cars and what they go for.

Don't let it go for less than it is worth, there is a market for these cars.
Reply is a bad place to get a value of a vehicle. Having been in the car bushiness I know these things. Check out the used car auto site to see the real market value of a vehicle. You may end up asking too much or too little. Remember always ask to the high side you can always creep down in price but can never go up. AutoTrader is the largest used car web site.

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