1964 1/2 mustang

I just purchased a 1964 1/2 mustang coupe. According to all the information you have on the site, it is a 1964 1/2.
But, I do have some questions.
the VWN # is 5F07D207958
body code = 65A
color = S
Trim = 89
date = 22g
DSO = 63
trans = 5

everything matches up except the body code and the trim code.

according to the plate I have a 65A which is a coupe w/ standard interior, but I have a coupe with a bench seat (which according to what some site said it should be a 65C)

also according to the plate I have a 89 trim code, which I believe is palimino vinyl with palimino trim. but, I have black vinyl with black trim( which I believe is 86) I could find no evidence of any palimino colored trim in the car)

color = there is evidence of cascade green paint under about two or three layers of other paint, so that matches up.

Also the owner said that it originally had a vinyl top on it but he could not remember what color that was. I was wondering if you could help me find out what color the vinyl top was or point me in the right direction.
The interior on the new Mustang is much better than it was. Let us know what you think if you test drive one. The main thing i like about it is that it has a back seat that can be used.

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