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1970 Mustang

Few styling changes distinguish this from the previous model year. Two of the '69's four headlights vacate the cavernous grille and a new red, white and blue striped galloping pony emblem occupies its center. Non-functional side scoops are deleted.

"The Grabber," a sporty, C-striped, SportsRoof package is a sign of things to come as style becomes a prominent concern for '70s car buyers.

The engine lineup is little changed with the exception of the new big-block 351 cid four barrel V8. Its canted valves and larger ports resemble the 429 cid V8.

For the enthusiast, the Mach I 428 cid V8 receives a Drag Pack, 3.91:1 or 4.30:1 rear axle option. With stronger connecting rods and a heavy duty oil cooler, this application is well suited for the track.

The GT was removed from the lineup and would not return until 1982.

Ford made 96 Twister Specials for Kansas Ford dealers. They were Grabber Orange Mach 1s with special decals. Ford also made a few Sidewinders, which were built in Dearborn, shipped to Omaha, and sold in Iowa and Nebraska. They were available in Grabber Green, Grabber Blue, Calypso Corral, and Yellow. The stripes came in the trunk and the dealers had the option of installing them on the car.

Boss 429 sported a 429 cubic inch hemi-head V-8 that required suspension modifications so it would fit. Only 499 Boss 429s were made in 1970. They were available in Grabber Blue, Grabber Green, Grabber Orange, Calypso Coral, and Pastel Blue. Interiors were black or white.

The 789 remaining 1969 Shelbys in Ford inventory after the model year were titled as 1970 models. These were modified to include a front air dam and a blackout point treatment around the outboard hood scoops.

Ford created two 1970 Boss 429 Lawmen Mustangs for tour to U.S. troops. Only one of these 1200-horsepower beasts survives today, and it was sold to wrestler Bill Goldberg in the 2003 Barrett-Jackson Auction.

Air conditioning is all the rage, causing convertible sales to shrink by nearly half.

The Mach 1 receives grooved aluminum rocker moldings along with prominent die cast "Mach 1" badging.


  • 200cid 1V 6-cyl 120HP T Code
  • 250cid 1V 6-cyl 155HP L Code
  • 302cid 2V V8 220HP F Code
  • 351cid 2V V8 250HP H Code (351W & 351C)
  • 302cid 4V V8 290HP G Code (Boss)
  • 428cid 4V V8 300HP M Code
  • 428cid 4V V8 335HP Q Code (Cobra Jet)
  • 428cid 4V V8 335HP Code R (Cobra Jet-R)
  • 429cid 4V V8 375HP Z Code (Boss)


  • Special, Boss 429: 499
  • Special, Boss 302: 7,013
  • Fastback, Mach 1: 40,970
  • Fastback: 45,934
  • Coupe, Grandé: 13,581
  • Coupe: 82,569
  • Convertible: 7,673
  • -Total-: 191,239


  • Coupe, standard: $2,721
  • Fastback, standard: $2,771
  • Coupe, Grandé, standard: $2,926
  • Convertible, standard: $3,025
  • Fastback, Mach 1, standard: $3,271
  • Special, Boss 302: $3,720
  • GT350 Fastback: $4,434
  • GT500 Fastback: $4,709
  • GT350 Convertible: $4,753
  • Special, Boss 429: $4,928
  • GT500 Convertible: $5,027


  • Calypso Coral
  • Dark Ivy Green Metallic
  • Grabber Blue
  • Grabber Green
  • Grabber Orange
  • Light Ivy Yellow
  • Medium Blue Metallic
  • Medium Lime Metallic
  • Pastel Blue
  • Raven Black
  • Red
  • Silver Blue Metallic
  • Wimbledon White
  • Yellow
  • Bright Gold Metallic
  • Medium Gold Metallic

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